Modelling Brittle Fracture with an Eigenerosion Approach

17. Oktober 2016

Dr. Flavio Stochino, a Dresden Junior Fellow from the University of Sassari (Sardegna, Italy) is holding a lecture with the title “Modelling Brittle Fracture with an Eigenerosion Approach” on monday, 24.10.2016 from 13:00-13:30 at Georg-Schumann-Str. 7 – VMB / 106.

The eigenfracture scheme is capable of representing fracture development in brittle material. It is based on the concept of eigendeformations. They are used in mecha nics to describe deformations that cost no local energy.

Eigenerosion is derived from this approach by restricting the eigendeformations in a binary sense: they can be either zero, in which case the local behavior is elastic, or they can be equal to the local displacement gradient, in which case the correspon- ding material neighborhood is failed or eroded.

The application of this approach to finite element method yields to a simple and efficient element erosion criterion.

In this seminar the main characteristics of this method are presented along with some new ideas. A set of numerical examples will be also presented in order to assess its reliability and accuracy.

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