Cohesive Models of Fracture and 3D Fragmentation Procedures

Prof. Dr. Anna Pandolfi, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Strutturale, Politecnico di Milano will be talking about „Cohesive Models of Fracture and 3D Fragmentation Procedures“ as part of a siries of lectures held within SFB 528 research. The lecture is on April 27th, 13.00 at BEY 67.
From the abstract:
Finite element simulations of high-velocity dynamical processes involving fracture and fragmentation represent some of the most challenging problems in computational mechanics. Difficulties especially arise when the nature of the problem requires a full three dimensional model.
In the framework of the finite deformations, a class of general 3-D cohesive finite element and a self-adaptive remeshing procedure have been developed specifically addressing multiple branch and mixed mode fracture processes.
Numerical simulations regarding the initiation and the propagation of complex fracture patterns and the formation of fragments in dynamical tests are presented and compared to experimental results. Applications to experimental tests in aluminum (expansion of rings under magnetic field), steel (three point bend tests on C300 high resistance steel), plane concrete (brazilian tests on cylinders, and Charpy test on plates), and graphite-epoxy composites demonstrate the versatility of the method, and attest its ability to reproduce the most significant features of the dynamical fracture.

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