Modeling of Hydration Kinetics and Shrinkage of Portland Cement Paste

11. November 2007

In der Seminarreihe des SFB 528 findet der nächste Vortrag am 14. November 2007 im Sitzungszimmer Raum 67 des Beyer-Baus statt. Um 16 Uhr spricht Christian Meyer, Ph. D., Professor of Civil Engineering Columbia University, New York zum Thema „Modeling of Hydration Kinetics and Shrinkage of Portland Cement Paste“. Der Vortrag ist in englischer Sprache, der Abstract dazu auch:

The construction of oil wells requires that the cement sheath maintain isolation of the various geological formation zones. This in turn calls for an analytical or numerical model capable of predicting shrinkage of cement slurries that hydrate at elevated temperatures and high pressures. This lecture summarizes the first phase of developing a mathematical model capable of predicting such shrinkage. The model is based on the thermodynamics of multiphase porous media and takes into account the effects of chemical composition and fineness of the cement as well as the water-cement ratio and other relevant factors. It employs a multi-scale modeling technique to calibrate the various free parameters. Predictions of the model are compared with the few available test data.

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