Fundamentals of Constitutive Modeling of Deformable Solid Materials

12. Juni 2012

The fundamentals of constitutive modeling of deformable solid materials are introduced in a series of lectures by Prof. Ercan Gürses from METU Ankara, which is organized by the Institute for Structural Analysis. Students and researchers can familiarize themselves with various kinds of material response. The course also aims at equipping students and researchers with necessary background to develop advanced constitutive models that can be used in commercial/research finite element software for the analysis of complex structures and components.

The course program and contents are as follows:

  • 2.7.2012 16.40-18.20 BEY67
    Constitutive Modeling of Engineering Materials: Fundamentals
  • 3.7.2012 16.40-18.20 BEY67
    Constitutive Modeling of Engineering Materials: Advanced Topics
  • 4.7.2012 16.40-18.20 BEY67
    Mechanical Behavior and Multiscale Modeling of Nanocrystal Material

The course is highly recommended for all students and researchers who are working in the field of Mechanics and Finite Element Applications. For more information about the lecturer, please visit his website.

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