Studying Rehabilitation Engineering in Dresden

Rehabilitation Engineering studentsStudents of the master’s programme „Rehabilitation Engineering“.Rehabilitation Engineering studentsIntensive care: Prof. Viktor Mechtcherine revealing the secrets of the materials…

Eleven students from all over the world just started their studies of „Rehabilitation Engineering at the faculty of Civil Engineering in Dresden. At the end of the two-years full-time study programme they will receive their master degree (

The master course is all about „Restoring old structures for an attractive future“. Economic, technological, and social conditions are developing rapidly. The maintenance and continuous renewal of buildings, engineering structures and infrastructure systems are a monumental challenge for Civil Engineers worldwide. Such tasks call for highly-developed skills that are taught from the scientists and teachers of the faculty.

Experts with such knowledge are needed in local, national, and international organisations, consultant agencies, design offices, construction enterprises, as well as investment and insurance companies worldwide.

The Master’s Programme is offered in two tracks: „Rehabilitation of Buildings and Structures“ and „Rehabilitation of Infrastructure“. Some modules (like Analytical Tools, Materials, History, Seminars) are common, others are dedicated to track 1 or track 2 respectively. The next Master’s Programme is starting in the winter term 2008. Deadline for Application is June 1, 2008. More information and forms are available on the Rehab-pages.

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